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Telly show “The White Princess”Telly show “The White Princess”

In case you need costume TV series, atmosphere of plots, betrayals and luxurious life, etiquette and royal priorities, “The White Princess” might cater your taste. Director of “The Hour”, “Call the Midwife” and “The White Queen” Jamie Payne along with script writer of “The Man in High Castle” and “Shameless” Emma Frost made a visual narrative about Elizabeth of York and Henry VII’s love story. One might hope that there will be the suspense and worthy message as in British series about post-war London and a squad of helpful devoted women or well-written plot and gradual action’s unveiling of the alternative-history show. Anyway, as experience proves, pilot seasons are mostly good. We’ll wait – we’ll see.

Film “Big Little Lies”

Film “Big Little Lies”

Director Jean-Marc Vallée brought together a grand cast of celebrities and made, in fact, a long film, a thorough filming of Moriarty’s novel about still waters and their way of running. Here one will see friendship of three mothers of junior pupils who live in an attractive lucrative coast city at the south if California. Thanks to Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon and the other praiseworthy actresses Vallée makes an outstanding drama about domestic violence (physical and psychological ones) while avoiding making it grave and macabre.  Click to download latest episodes of TV series that reminds more “The Affair” and “Broadchurch” which can be considered a formidable recommendation.

Film “Manchester by the Sea”

It is a moving picture about losses and attempts to put up with grief. Jack-of-all-trades Lee (Casey Affleck who got Oscar for this role) learns about his brother’s death. That time on he will have to care about his nephew and being not ready for that, he tries to get rid of him. Director Kenneth Lonergan got his prise deservedly for the script of his own. The characters are made so that they don’t seem being people at all – the way they cope with their traumas is indeed difficult to imagine.Film “Manchester by the Sea”

Cartoon “Hao ji le” (Good Day)

In case you want an animated film, exotic and not experienced yet, you can put down in your notebook name of Chinese product “Hao ji le” of more than an hour long. 2D animation is a story about the young man who took a bag with money to pay plastic surgery for his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the stolen 1 mln of local currency belongs to a criminal uncle who sends a silent killer, devotee of “Rokky”, after the venturous main character. It is south of China with its especially notable poverty and harsh conditions of life there. Very realistic cartoon (walls with remnants of wallpaper are very impressive) looks more like British crime dramas due to its atmosphere. Location of events is place of megalopolis and country’s merging where all the borders are blurred.


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