The 3rd season of Fargo with Ewan McGregor

The channel FX has released the first teaser of the third season of “Fargo.”

The show-run of the season is Noah Hawley (“Legion”). The project involves Ewan McGregor and Carrie Coon. Euan will appear in two roles. His characters are brothers Emmett and ray Stasi. The plot revolves around the story of Emmett, the king of the Parking lots in Minnesota. A handsome family man and successful businessman, Emmett considers himself a true example of the American success story. His young brother ray, balding and with a paunch not so lucky. He’s more of those guys, on which he made fun of in school. Now he’s a parole officer and blames his brother for all his failures.

As for kun, it will stand in the way Gloria Bergl is one of those tough women who during a fire grab the fire extinguisher while the others panic. She works as a police officer, recently divorced and alone raising a child.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play a cunning temptress Nikki Swango, released from prison under parole. She is seriously fond of card games and always tries to be one step ahead.

The action of the third season will occur in 2010, shortly after the events of the first, but it is unclear whether they are somehow connected. The author of the series Noah Hawley said in an interview with THR that none of the characters of the first season will not appear in the third. Fargo season 3 premiere date will be on the FX channel on April 19.


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